About the project

What is Piccolipiù?

Piccolipiù is an Italian birth cohort set up in 2001 to investigate the effects of environmental exposures, parental conditions and social factors experienced during pre-natal and early post-natal life on infant and child health and development.
A birth cohort study is a powerful way of researching into the many influences that shape our lives: our parents and our wider family, our genes, the way we choose to live, the local environment, the services we access and how all these come together to affect our health and well-being.
The study was approved and initially funded by the Italian National Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CCM grant 2010) and by the Italian Ministry of Health (art 12 and 12bis Dl.gs.vo 502/92).

Piccolipiù aims

The main research objectives of this study are:

  • to investigate the association between genetic, obstetric, socioeconomic, environmental and lifestyle characteristics and risk factors, and infant and childhood morbidity and development;
  • to describe the complex interactions between genetic, epigenetic, lifestyle factors and the environment;
  • to promote infant and child health using traditional and innovative tools (e.g. social media) to communicate evidence-based prevention messages.